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Warning Signs You May Need a New Financial Advisor

7 Warning Signs You May Need a New Financial Advisor

1. Unresponsiveness

If your financial advisor is harder to reach than a rare Pokémon, it might be time to find a more available expert. You’re paying for their help, so they should be readily available to assist with your financial needs.

2. Lack of Check-ins

A good financial advisor checks in with you like your mom during exam week. If they’re not giving you regular updates or reports, you might want someone more attentive to your financial well-being.

3. Inattentiveness

Major changes to your portfolio shouldn’t be as surprising as finding a unicorn in your backyard. Your advisor should be keeping you informed and discussing any significant changes promptly.

4. High Fees

When fees start to resemble a highway robbery, it’s time to question your financial advisor’s intentions. Compare their fees to other advisors to see if you’re getting a fair deal.

5. Pushing Certain Investments

Are they trying to sell you investments like a used car salesman with commission-based services? Choose a fee-only advisor to avoid any shady sales pitches.

6. Underperforming Portfolio

If your portfolio looks sadder than a cat that lost its mouse toy, it’s time to investigate. Your investments should be making you purr, not growling with dissatisfaction.

7. Poor Advisor-Client Relationship

Feeling like your financial advisor treats you like a clueless monkey? You deserve someone who values your goals and fights for your financial dreams. Don’t settle for less.

Bottom Line:

Choosing a financial advisor is like picking a dance partner. If they’re stepping on your toes and ruining the rhythm, it’s time to switch. Your finances are too important to be stuck with an advisor who doesn’t meet your needs. Look out for these warning signs and find an advisor who will waltz you toward financial success.


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